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GAMEDAY 19: Rochester Rhinos vs Pittsburgh Riverhounds

6:05 PM – Capelli Sport Stadium
Whatch Live Via Youtube

Match Officials, as assigned by PRO

REF: Mr. Jaroslaw Werel
AR1: Mr. Ray Tam
AR2: Mr. Ryan Trombetta
4TH: Mr. Mason Callahan

Morning Line Odds via BET365
ROC -138
Draw +250
PIT +300

Another road game, another weird start time. Tonight the Hounds travel to upstate New York to take on the Rochester Rhinos for the first time this season. Both teams are playing pretty average this year with Rochester having a slight edge. They’re currently sitting 4 points ahead of the Hounds but have two games in hand. The Hounds have traditionally struggled in Rochester, and haven’t won there since 2014. To add to the challenge Rochester is 4-1-0 over the last 5 games at home. Pittsburgh on the other hand is draw city on the road lately. It’s not necessarily…

GAMEDAY 18: Bethlehem Steel FC vs Pittsburgh Riverhounds

5 PM – Goodman Stadium
Whatch Live Via Youtube

Match Officials, as assigned by PRO

REF: Mr. Lorant Varga
AR1: Mr. Mark Treilman
AR2: Mr. Bernard Shumbusho
4TH: Mr. Matthew Schultheis

Morning Line Odds via BET365
BST -138
Draw +250
PIT +300

The Hounds travel to that other Pennsylvania team for an early kick off this evening. Bethlehem have been on a tear lately, going undefeated in their last 7. Meanwhile the Hounds have only one win in that same time frame with an equal number of losses and draws. Bethlehem’s fortunes lately could be argued to be a due to the schedule as opposed to their talent. All of their recent matches have been against teams lower than them in the standings (as of today), with 4 of them against teams in the bottom 4. They do struggle a bit against…

Game 16 Recap: 4th of July Dud


I’ve lost track of how many times I come out of a game thinking “well they played alright, it just wasn’t their night.” It’s getting tiring to say the least. Maybe the guys had too many hot dogs earlier in the day, or maybe Charlotte just has our number- we’re 0-5-2 against them over the last three seasons. Whatever it was, Tuesday night sure didn’t go according to plan.

While the roster may have been different, the Hounds played similar to how they did against Tampa nearly two weeks before. This time though the offense couldn’t put the ball in the back of the net to save their lives (save for Walsh’s pity goal in the 92nd minute). It wasn’t for lack of chances either. Hertzog and Parkes had several great shots. They just either couldn’t find the corner of the net…

Game 15 Recap: Head Over Heels


Even a couple a days after the fact I’m still buzzing about the Hounds win on Thursday. They came out against one of the best teams in the Eastern conference and just asserted their will for most of the match. It was a trap game where for once we were the trap. I don’t know if the roster shakeup is what did it or if Brandt really laid into them this week after the abysmal Louisville loss, but whatever it was it worked. This is the Hounds team we like to see.

Maybe saying they asserted themselves / were dominate isn’t the best way to describe it. If you look at the stats Tampa out possessed the Hounds by a wide margin, 63% to 37%, but they weren’t able to do anything with it. Half of their shots were from outside…