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The Hounds lost last night in a frustrating fashion. The game was such a mixed bag that ultimately didn’t really matter anyways since we were already locked into 3rd. After mulling it over all night I’m just going to saw screw it and focus on this coming weekend. IT’S PLAYOFF TIME! We’re back in the playoffs after a two year “break” and have our first home game in 14 years to boot. Let’s get this hype train rolling!

The one good thing about the loss is it’s given us probably the best match up for the first round of the playoffs. The trash from across the state are coming to town again. We’ve had Bethlehem’s number all season. There’s no reason to think we won’t again. We’ll have a full match preview up later in the week.

Our job right now is to…

Last Game Watch Party (New Location)


With the draw on Wednesday the Hounds are now locked into 3rd place in the Eastern Conference. No matter what happens on Sunday that won’t change, so you could say we have nothing to play for (for a good reason for once). We’re not going to let that get in the way of a good time though, so we’re going to have one final watch party during the regular season.

Join us at the Birmingham Bridge Tavern this Sunday to watch the Hounds take on the Baby Bulls. We had to chance locations because of conflicts with that other football team in town, but on the plus side we’re able to hit up another awesome place just down the street. The party starts at 4, kickoff is at 5. There will be a couple drink specials as well as a Smoked Pork…

2018 Player of the Year Results


After tallying the votes we’re happy to announce the Steel Army’s 2018 Player of the Year is none other than Neco Brett! It was a very close race but in the final days of voting Brett pulled ahead to take the top spot. The Jamaican native and RMU graduate was presented the above award and a scarf at the end of yesterday’s match. Congratulations Neco! We look forward to seeing what you can do in the playoffs.

Besides the overall Player of the Year award we also had you vote a player of the year by position. While we don’t offer awards for these, we do want to recognize the players and give them a tip of the hat.

2018 Player of the Year
Winner: Neco Brett (30%)
Runner Up: Thomas Vacaeyezeele (24%)

2018 Forward of the Year
Winner: Neco Brett (100%)
Runner Up:…

Weekend Reminders


Friendly reminder of all the things going on today and tomorrow.


Player of the Year polls end tonight at midnight. If you’re a Steel Army member and haven’t voted yet, do it! It’s a tight race and every vote counts.


Tifo painting! Join us at Zack’s place at 1 PM to paint a tifo. As always we need all the help we can get. If you need the address let us know.

Watch party! After painting we’re heading down to Smokin’ Joes for one of the last watch parties of the season. Party starts at 6. Kickoff at 7.


Wake up in the morning feeling fine…