Introducing the Old Guard Shield!


Take a moment and go to Wikipedia and look at the current club list for the USL. Look at the founded column. There’s an awful lot of teams whose foundation year starts with 201x. Do you know what the average club age is for the league? A little over six years. The median? Three. It’s a young league, no one’s denying that, especially if you’ve been following the expansion race over the years.

Now take a look at the list again. You know what else stands out besides all the young clubs? The five clubs over 10 years old. Charleston, Richmond, Rochester, Pittsburgh, and Harrisburg in that order. You take those five clubs out and the league’s average age drops in half to three years. Know what the average age for those five teams is? 20 years.

So what are…

2017 Membership Package

Hey Army!

With our annual meeting quickly approaching, not to mention the season, we’re happy to announce our 2017 membership package / scarf is available for purchase!


We have another great scarf for you this year, this time honoring our 10th season. Yes you heard that right- 10th season. It doesn’t seem like that long ago when a small group of us first started cheering on the Hounds in 2008. Time flies when you’re having fun! In a nod to our first scarf we’ve brought back the checkered pattern that we knew and loved during our early years. We may not be a blue and white team anymore, but black and gold looks pretty nice too. Also included in the package this year is a window cling for which ever window you feel is a little too transparent. (Editor’s Note: The cling does not…

Member Representative Nominations are Open


Hey Army,

Today being approximately one calendar month before the 2017 Annual General Meeting, nominations for the two Member Representative positions on the Board of Directors are open. These are one-year positions that are open to any Steel Army member in good standing from 2016 that also intends to renew their membership for 2017. The positions are currently held by Mike Shoemaker and Zack Waldman. Any 2016 member may make a nomination on the form provided in the Speakeasy section of the website. If you don’t recall the password check the previous Steel Army Dispatch emails you received in 2016. If you are a 2016 Steel Army member and did not receive any Dispatch emails, and wish to nominate someone for one of the open positions, please contact us.

Nominations will be accepted until the end of the day on February 20th. At…

Schedule’s Out


This afternoon the USL’s dart board must’ve fallen off the wall and accidentally hit publish on the website. The league narrowly avoided going into February again without a schedule. Bust out the cake and punch!

At any rate here we are. 32 games against the Eastern Conference over 30 weeks. A grueling schedule and a long way from the 20 game season when the Steel Army first started. As we know from Friday’s announcement we’re kicking things off at the same time in late March, but this year we’re going a couple weeks later into October. Coupled with playing nearly a quarter this year’s matches before May, we’re going to get a lot of use out of our scarves.

The Hounds kick the season off with a tough opening month. 7 games in the first 35 days, with 5 of…