Steel City AO & Steel Army Holiday Party – 12/9


Hey gang. It’s getting late in the year which means it’s time for the annual Pittsburgh American Outlaws and Steel Army joint holiday party! It’s been quite the year for both US soccer and the Riverhounds. Come on out and commiserate with both groups as we enjoy some holiday cheer.

This year the party will be moving to the pub at Highmark Stadium. As always we’ll have food, drink specials, and a few raffles. In addition we’ll have the MLS Cup final on the tv’s to yell at. Edit: Nevermind! Apparently MLS Cup is at 4 pm.

“Kick off” is at 7 pm. If you’re planning on coming out we’d appreciate it if you RSVP to one of our Facebook events so we can get a rough head count.



Boy. Did not see that one coming. This afternoon instead of announcing a new GM like most of us expected, the Hounds dropped a bomb by announcing Dave Brandt will not be returning in 2018, and that none other than now former Rochester Rhinos head coach Bob Lilley will be taking his place. Cut to my jaw on the floor.

Brandt was coming off a mediocre but improved season with a vision for the future. While there were parts of last season which were frustrating to watch, I think most of us were more than willing to give him another season at the helm and have some stability for the first time in a while. The new(ish) D2 standards had other plans. Brandt apparently couldn’t get his ‘A’ license for whatever reason, and since the USL is pushing for no more USSF waivers,…

End of the Year Member Survey


Hey Army! It’s that time of the year again. That’s right, the moment you’ve all been dying to hear about. It’s the membership year-end survey! Members, we know it’s not thrilling or sexy but we need to hear your feedback on the past season as well as looking towards 2018. As the group grows we don’t always get a chance to hear from everyone, or over the course of a seven month season we may forget something that was brought up. This is your chance to have the Board’s full undivided attention. Your voice matters! Every year we take the surveys and use them to guide us going forward. We’d really appreciate it if you can take a few minutes and fill out our short survey.

Steel Army members can find the survey link in the Speakeasy section of the website. The…

Offseason Daydreaming: Dark Kits

Yesterday afternoon the Mon Goals boys caused a little bit of a stir when they came across a Riverhounds kit concept-

Could these be legit? Thoughts?

— Mon Goals (@mongoals) October 24, 2017

Unfortunately for us, as sexy as that kit is, it’s just a fan concept and not something we’ll see. However it did get me thinking about kits, and the more I thought about it the more I kept coming back to one thing I really want to see and think would be a good look for the Hounds – dark kits.

When I say dark kits I don’t mean just straight black like they’ve had before. Black is fine and all, but it’s typically not very exciting. When I say dark kits I mean a dark scheme. Blacks, and more importantly, greys. Black and gold will always be Pittsburgh’s colors, but adding grey…