Meet the New Neighbors: Nashville SC


Nashville SC
Where: Nashville, TN
Stadium: First Tennessee Park / Nissan Stadium
Capacity: 8,500 / 69,143
Last Year: 8-4-2 (3rd South Atlantic Division, PDL)
Average Attendance: *shrug*
Hardware: None
2017 U.S. Open Cup: N/A
Supporters: The Roadies, The Assembly, Eastern Front, Music City Supporters

Nashville SC joins the USL with one foot already out the door after being awarded a spot in the MLS back in December. Since they’ll only be around for at minimum 1 season, and at most probably 3, I find it really hard to give a damn about the club. Why get worked up over renters? That said I guess I have to talk about them a little.

Nashville is another team calling a baseball stadium home, though they have moved the home opener against the Riverhounds…

Meet the New Neighbors: Indy Eleven


Indy Eleven
Where: Indianapolis, IN
Stadium: Lucas Oil Stadium
Capacity: USL: 15,000 | Building: 62,421
Last Year: 7-12-13 (6th overall, NASL)
Average Attendance: 8,395
Hardware: 2016 NASL Spring Season Champion
2017 U.S. Open Cup: 2nd Round loss to the Michigan Bucks (PDL)
Supporters: Brickyard Battalion, and affiliates

Ah Indy Eleven. The team I’m actually excited about joining the league. Indy joins us from the NASL after they finally saw the writing on the wall. Ever since coming into existence in 2014 Indy has been one of the crown jewels of the NASL. They’re a big get for the USL and will instantly become a strong rival to the Midwest teams (probably more so for Cincinnati and Louisville than us, but we’ll see).

When I say crown jewel it’s more so off the field than on it. They…

Meet the New Neighbors: Atlanta United 2


With the USL ever expanding we find ourselves with four new teams in the Eastern Conference this season. Two are brand new clubs and two are refugee’s from the sinking / sunk USS NASL. With the season quickly approaching I figure it’s a good time to take a stroll around the block and meet the new neighbors.

Atlanta United 2
Where: Lawrenceville, GA
Stadium: Coolray Field (Baseball!)
Capacity: 10,427
Last year: N/A
Average Attendance: N/A
Hardware: None
2017 U.S. Open Cup: Not eligible
Supporters: Their moms

Well, we’re not starting this series off great. ATL UTD 2 (vomit) joins the league just checking all the boxes of what we love about some USL clubs. A “2” team with an unimaginative name and logo, check. Based a mere 35 miles from the parent club in a surburb, check. Calling a baseball stadium…

Lets Discuss Away Trips


We’re now under two weeks away from the Hounds kicking off their 2018 season. Between a new coach, new branding, new signings, and a new tv deal people are as excited for this season as we’ve probably ever seen. The anxiousness to get this going is running high and people are starting to ask about the Steel Army doing this or that as we all get ready for what is looking like a huge watch party on the 24th and then the home opener (and the good times that come with it) a week later. The one thing we’ve been asked repeatedly is about the away trips. So, with that in mind, lets have a candid talk about what that will entail and how people will need to go from talking about getting on the bus to…