Membership Scarves Sold Out- More Coming

Every year you all find new ways to knock our socks off. We figured there would be increased excitement around the team this season but we did not expect that to mean we’d sell out of our membership packages before the home opener even kicked off. To put it in a little bit of context
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The Home Opener, Tailgate, and You!

Army! It’s almost the best Saturday of the year. Home opener Saturday! After an extended road trip the boys are finally coming home and we can get our season long party at Highmark Stadium started! About. Freaking. Time. Since it’s been a long while since we’ve done our thing, here’s a few points to mention
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Shirt of the Month

As talked about at the AGM in February we’re running a shirt of the month experiment this season exclusively for Steel Army members. We often have ideas for shirts that we don’t necessarily think is worth doing a large run of and keeping an inventory. The new(ish) on demand printing sites out there gives us
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Tifo painting reminder

Friendly reminder that we’re painting a tifo this Saturday and we need your help! Join us at 9 am on Saturday in Squirrel Hill. Full address in the Speakeasy. Be there are be square. #UNLEASH
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Tifo painting 4/6

It’s that time of the year again! The home opener is quickly approaching which means we have a tifo to paint. For any new folks, a tifo is typically a large painted banner displayed at the beginning of a match to show support for the team. Check out the tifo page for some past examples
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